Shruti Joshi

Shruti Joshi

Shruti Joshi

CEO and Co-Founder of Compell'd, the new technology that helps you make it happen

Shruti is a curious, always a work-in-progress, do-and-see-it-all-because-you-only-live-once-type of person. The TriBeCa resident, with her husband and a one-and-a-half year-old baby boy, grew up moving every few years with the opportunity to live in many cities including Brussels, NYC, LA, Philadelphia and Basel. What felt tough as a teenager turned out to be an incredible experience and exposure to a multitude of amazing people and cultures. 

What inspired you to launch Compell’d? 

Launching Compell’d was all about combining my life philosophy and business experience to address a consumer problem. I am extraordinarily passionate about the power of new experiences in our lives, but keeping track of the recommendations we want to experience had become a ton of work. I rarely remembered the thing I wanted to do at the right moment. For example, trying to find a screenshot of a restaurant a friend posted on Instagram, once I was actually ready to book.

These pain points triggered a massive phase of research to find out if others shared this problem and why existing solutions wouldn't work. Turns out, EVERYONE was dealing with the same issues that are getting worse and worse with a daily overflow of information that we collect.

What did you learn in the research you have done around this problem? 

Our research showed us that we are seeking recommendations from people we trust, saving them in 15 or more places, like screenshots, open browser tabs, notes on our phones, text messages, emails, or just committing them to memory. These strategies simply do not work because when the time comes, we rarely remember that thing we wanted to do or where we saved it. We would search, forget or settle for something else. This can get really frustrating.

Experiencing the things we want is a huge part of what brings us joy in our lives. It is what helps us explore our passions, evolve as people and connect with each other.

Why do you think there is a need for a platform like that right now? 

It’s impossible to keep up with the volume of content these days. We have identified this whole new category of “I forgot I want to do this later” content. It is overwhelming to discover things to do, see, buy or try 24/7, online and offline. Keeping track of all of this content has become a silent burden. It's an additional item on our mental list, yet something we truly care about. As a society, we have shifted our spending to experiences vs. things but we have not had a solution that helps people manage their discoveries easily and find recommendations from people we trust.

Explain how Compell’d will change that.

For starters, our mission with Compell’d is to embolden people in doing what they are compelled to do. We want to help people do what matters to them, ignore what doesn’t and to connect with people over their shared experiences. 

Compell’d is a new platform that turns the screenshots, recommendations, links, notes and posts you’re already saving and forgetting about into experiences worth sharing. Compell’d does this by making all the content you save intelligent, so it resurfaces at the perfect moment for you to take action. It offers a completely new way to share recommendations, especially with people you trust and solves many of the issues with content shelf life and actionability.

By using Compell’d people can say goodbye to rifling through countless screen shots and open browser tabs, dusty magazine pages that have been dog-eared, haphazard to-do lists in their phone notes, the burden of asking a friend to re-send a lost text or email, and all the other hassles that come with tracking and sharing the things people want to in this content jungle. We always say that if you save something to Compell’d, we’ll help you make it happen.

What do you consider the key to a balanced and happy life? 

This is definitely a constant struggle. I believe it is proactively managing and being aware of how you choose to spend your time. Time is non-refundable and incredibly fleeting. Filling it with things that bring me joy and being fully in the moment when I’m having those experiences is definitely my key to balance and happiness. This translates for me to doing the things that I’m interested in, no matter how crazy or difficult. Finally, I find a great deal of joy in connecting with people. Whether it’s giving a friend a recommendation of something I love or by spending quality time with my family and friends— these connections and shared experiences make me feel whole.


Do you live by any routines? 

Some rituals I bring in that help me live more balanced and feel more happy is that I make it a point to do at least a few new things a week—whether trying a new recipe, restaurant, reading something new, checking out an event. I make plans with friends or family in the mess of our week but my husband and I always find time to do it. I spend at least two hours every day with my son and husband with no technology. I meditate and found Transcendental Meditation a life changer and workout for at least 30 minutes 5 days a week. I love to run. Melissa Wood Health is a game changer in terms of at home workouts! The meditation and exercise save me from being a total maniac in high stress times.

What are your favorite places in New York ?

I have SO many favorite places I love in NYC and they are all in my “My Favorite NYC Places” list in Compell’d. You can find them here but to highlight some of what’s on my list:

Laughing Man Coffee - My favorite neighborhood spot for coffee. I always order an oat latte. David and his crew are so wonderful and it’s truly one of the few neighborhood spots that is so dedicated to fostering community.

Caracas Arepa Bar - This is an East Village hole-in-the-wall gem that is easy on the wallet. My favorite dish is The Pabellon. You must put the sauce on everything. It is seriously delicious.

Jean Georges’ Nougatine - Hopefully JG has his insanely good handmade cheese ravioli on the menu. This restaurant is a classic and perfect when you’re in the mood to have some fine dining. 

Greenwich Hotel Shibui Spa - An insanely tranquil retreat at the Greenwich Hotel. It’s such an escape considering it is right here in NYC. My sister recommended their Diamond Glow facial to me and I am hooked.

The Whitney - The combination of proximity to the High Line, the views and the art. What more could you want?

You seem goal driven. What is your upcoming 5 year plan? Any specific goals you want to achieve / places you would like to travel?

I am goal driven but not in the way you’d think. I don’t really make 5 year plans. I find them somewhat limiting. Who knows where or what I’ll be like a year from now, let alone in five years? Hopefully healthy, happy and a bit wiser. I typically have some ideas of things I’d like to experience or do or things I would like to change/improve and I just make sure I do them—usually in a year. I love setting a theme for the year – usually it’s something I’m working on (more adventure, more zen, be a better listener, etc.) and I try to find things that might put me in a position to achieve that goal. I do love to travel and my list is always growing. I’d love to get back to Asia and Africa this year with our little one.


Last but not least: please describe your preferred dress-code? 

Classic and minimalist with a little edge. I love clean lines. I’m not a trendy dresser but think great tailoring, high quality materials and a pair of heels make me feel like I can take on the day (this is why I own Inga Lena clothing!)

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