The fashion industry carries a great responsibility to implement sustainable solutions within their process. Designers predict the trends of tomorrow. At Inga-Lena, we advocate for a revolution of value. 

As a small, independent brand, we chose from early on that we would turn our back to greedy fast-fashion measures, dumping collection over collection. We believe that a curated wardrobe of timeless styles makes a much stronger statement than an overload of poorly fabricated goods.

Our hand-crafted garments run as limited capsule collections. Popular styles stay. We insert new styles occasionally but not by an imposed schedule. We work with the same material until a fabric roll is used up. We keep our stock at a dense minimum to prevent waste. We eliminate the use of plastics or chemicals. All garments are manufactured locally in the US. During productions, we drop daily visits at our factory and work closely with our sewers. 

We strive to make conscious living an essential luxury.



We only work with natural fibers. Our cottons are made in the US. Denims are gently washed. Color dyes are plant-based. All Cottons are highly endurable and can be machine-washed with your regular laundry.

No doubt, it can be daunting to care for delicate silks. Yet, we vouch to design for the modern, active woman who needs a simple, time-efficient garment care. To skip runs to the dry cleaner, we recommend a cold, gentle hand-wash. You can air-dry your silks either on a hanger or lay them flat.

We recommend washing one piece at a time. You can use a mild detergent and let your silk sit for 5-10min. Make sure to rinse any detergent with cool water and remove excess water by wrapping the piece in a towel. If you wish to speed up the drying process, you may also use a hair-dryer at a low temperature.

To give your silks a long-lasting life, we recommend to avoid any contact with scratchy surfaces. For more questions: contact@inga-lena.com