The Closet x Les Bains, Paris

The Closet x Les Bains, Paris

The Closet x Les Bains, Paris

Imagine a world with no luggage  

Spring 2019. Inga-Lena debuts their new concept ‘The Closet’ at Les Bains Paris

Good bye heavy suitcase. Bonjour carry-on bag.

Packing light means we often have to compromise on certain items. Especially those delicates that wrinkle easily. Imagine the relief it could mean to find back-up in your destination.

Never has shopping been as seamless. Hotel guests find a carefully curated selection directly at their disposal, freshly steamed and ready to try in the intimacy of their own hotel room.

Inga-Lena stands for minimalist, timeless elegance blending in with the aesthetic and spirit of our boutique hotel.

The brand designed a night blue silk blouse with ice blue cuffs to match the interior of the premium suites of Les Bains, Paris.

The collections are deliberate silhouettes of airy silks and classic shapes, dressing a diversity of body types to complement an existing wardrobe with multiple styling options.

Inga-Lena acquired her skills in Paris where she spent 8 years prior to her depart for the States. “It was a heartfelt decision for me to launch this idea in my first home, Paris, knowing that no other city could represent my new interpretation of ”pret-a-porter” any better than the unrivaled mother of art nouveau and cultural heritage.”