Katharina Baron

Katharina Baron

Katharina Baron

Actress and Director 

Katharina is what you would consider a story teller of the real life, a unicorn, who doesn’t like labels or definitions. She follows her instinct and the opportunities that arise with it. She is an actor, a magazine editor, a business consultant and above all tries to always do what she loves in order to pour her full dedication into a project.

The German beauty has lived all over the world, yet chooses LA as her number one city due to the perfect weather conditions and proximity to nature. It is the desert, the hikes and the ocean that feed her inspiration. Yet it is not only the healthy lifestyle but also her undeniable passion for movies that draw her to the Golden State. 'It is an incredible thrill to see first screenings of movies and be this close to their actual production.' Katharina herself has acted in movies and also produced them. She recently directed a TV commercial and appeared in a comedy sketch with Marlon Wayans.

Recently she has also been working with companies such as Swarovski, Mercedes-Benz, or PicsArt as a consultant, creative director and director.

She never spends much time looking back or planning ahead but chooses to live in the now in order to dedicate her full commitment to whatever she is working on in her present.

To start her day, Katharina swears by water and E3 pills. She loves her coconut yoghurt with a sliced apple and cinnamon for breakfast. With frequent phone calls to Europe first thing in the morning, she usually starts to work for a few hours before she gets to leave the house for a quick Pilates training. Often times she gets carried away working though and takes a break only much later the day. Her latest goal is to quit coffee. An 'epic challenge', she admits.

Sticking to her healthy lifestyle, Katharina loves her “Whole Bowl” at Café Gratitude for lunch. They only use vegan ingredients like cashew cheese that perfectly go with their Vitamix smoothies. Anyhow would she never be able to resist a slice of her favorite truffle pizza. 'It’s all about the right balance.'

To avoid any temptation, her fridge is usually stocked with healthy product though. Always in stock is home made pumpkin seed milk, avocados and apples.


As a first memory with textile Katharina remembers the curtains in her childhood room. Her parents loved all kinds of 70s pop-style prints, the louder the color, the better. Katharina always shared that admiration and remembers the funny blankets and table cloths at home.

In her wardrobe she prefers to keep it minimal. 'Sometimes I am just lazy and go for the typical LA-style Pilates outfit', she laughs. 'One piece that has been with me for the past few years, is my vintage vest that I bought in a small second-hand shop in Notting Hill. It works with literally anything. I usually style it with a white shirt, jeans and boots.'

A dress-code or shopping rule doesn’t exist in the world of the free spirit. It’s about the immediate emotional response to a piece. Fashion should never be taken too seriously. It is important to have fun with it. But definitely not to spend too much time overthinking any choices. And that mentality counts for many other aspects of life. 

As an advice to others in order to guard your positivity at all times, she came to realize that life is not about constant pleasure seeking but rather about getting the annoying things done efficiently in a reasonable time frame. It is important in order to stay committed and motivated. Katharina strongly believes in leaving the comfort zone once in a while as a necessary tool to foster creativity. She deliberately looks for the things that she doesn’t like or even the ones she fears. 'They do not make her feel positive right away but getting them done, makes you feel accomplished. Which is the most rewarding achievement on the long run and it keeps all senses stimulated.'

Katharina is proud to be a woman today. The power of the brain has become sexy. She feels excited to see more women step up their game and always looks for cool new projects in order to collaborate with likeminded power ladies.   

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