She had that kind of inherent chic, proper yet cool, shy but in charge. Her style projected strength and confidence. A look many women aspire until today. Why does Carolyn Bessette still get us under her spell?


She managed to play multiple, even opposing roles at once. Fashion icon, American royal, the strong and desirable woman, the shy girl next door. Carolyn Bessette Kennedy seemed to always be in charge of her appearance. 

The key to that was her classic yet refined minimalism.

You may argue that minimalism is boring. But it rather is the most powerful opportunity to tell a story. It doesn’t take away from the actual matter. It offers peace and quiet to the eye, generating profound encounter and a conscious self. 

A minimalist wardrobe enables us to adjust to different roles in our life without ever imposing oneself nor saying too much. It creates room for mystery and an undefined allure while emphasizing detail.

It is the unspoken yet conscious thought that will always remain the most intriguing in human psychology.

No woman is ever just one thing. It is the multiple layers and personas that contribute to her unique appeal. It is the ability to switch perspectives to foster a reflected mind. 




Minimalism isn’t boring. It is deliberate.

Minimalism is honest. Our brain can process simplicity at first gasp in order to direct one’s focus towards relevance

Anyone who dresses in complex prints and layers of make-up, also chooses to cover-up their true self. As an attempt to copy an ideal stereotype they betray their colorful nature, in avoidance of settling in their own identity.

2018 has been a defining year for women to step up and empower each other. Yet, we should all start with ourselves. We should resist stereotypes but celebrate our bodies as they are. We should be proud of who we are and embrace the diversity it entails.

Committing to our imperfections gets us one step closer to every person’s irreplaceable uniqueness.


Carolyn was undeniably a natural beauty and her story a modern age fairy tale. In our memories, she will always remain the young woman with timeless glamour and unrevealed secrets. What strikes the most is that we all ask ourselves how her story would have continued.