Karinna Karsten

Karinna Karsten

Karinna Karsten

Karinna is the CEO & Founder of LOVETV.co and the upcoming Relationship A.I. revolutionizing the way people make relationship decisions


What made you realize that you wanted to devote your time to this complex subject?

My vocation was an evolution. When I was 17 I was scouted as a model for Elite and was fortunate to travel and live around the world as an international model. I became interested in how people form personal relationships similarly and differently. From there, the historical origins of relationship and how that could benefit today’s partnerships became my passion. I wanted to understand, grow, share and ultimately help others. Along the way I have led women salons, taught, worked one on one with clients, hosted dating events. Currently I create applicable media and social tools for realizing optimal relationship experiences today.


What are the common trends and problems that you experience when working with your clients? 

Dating can be complex, relationship building is challenging. There can be frustration, hurt or heartbreak, feeling disenchanted with opening up again. Yet there is a deeper yearning and desire to actually get off the treadmill of unfulfilling relational patterning and create a love life that is revitalizing and rewarding.



What to expect from your programs? 

I truly believe that love is the most important thing in our lives. All we do consciously or subconsciously is because of love. 

Your Clear Signal: Your Clarity in and around love sends out your signal: if you are unsure, unconscious, murky in certain perceptions and actions in relationships, you will find yourself attracting those types of experiences.  With my programs you find clarity and optimize your signal for success.

Empowerment in Love: So often dynamics in dating and relationships can make you feel out of control, at the mercy of another’s actions or emotions. My products help you build empowerment to grow into the love and lover you have always envisioned yourself to have and to be.

Your Best Decision-Making: Out of frustration, impulsiveness, blind-spots or false perceptions we may not be making the best decisions for our love lives.  Developing the process to learn, discern and decide will bring you better and better results every-time.


Digital dating platforms has changed this world upside down. What is your take on online dating?

About 60% of successful relationships start online. Today this is by far the easiest way to meet someone that you could potentially start a relationship with.  Dating is something that you have to put your clear intentions and actions into.

Too often people treat dating casually online when they want something meaningful and become frustrated with the causal results.  

Don’t leave the scraps of your energy and resources for relationship development.

Your love life is equally as important as a career life for long term happiness.


How did you grow up? 

I grew up south of Savannah Ga. in a warm, sub-tropical  environment surrounded by Live Oaks and Saw Palmettos, serpentine rivers and a salty ocean. It is a sultry place that inspires mystery and romance. 


You are married. How did you meet your husband?

My husband and I met 16 years ago. We were living in different states when we were introduced remotely.  No photos. Just a phone call. We really liked each other from a great conversation.


 How did your own dating life look like prior to meeting your husband?

Serial monogamy. I took time for myself to understand me, both what I needed and what value I would bring to the right relationship.


Your number one advice for a healthy relationship

 Respect and Keep Growing


What do you believe to be the main reason relationships fail?

The individuals stop growing and focus on small annoyances rather than the big picture. We were meant to grow. Commit to your self-awareness and partnership evolution.


What can singles actively do to find the right partner? 

Help others. Use your gifts to help others. This is love and a loving signal attracts itself wherever you are.


Where can we find you? 

You can find me at LOVETV.co and I really look forward to sharing Relationship AI this fall with daters who are ready to optimize dating success. (To be notified of the release go to www.relationship-ai.com)