Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin

Biet Simkin

Spiritual Teacher

Biet Simkin is a spiritual teacher, singer, author and one of the leading pioneers of the impactful movement of mindful living in New York and across the country.  Biet creates epic meditation experiences around the globe and scores them with her own music. She speaks to the human experience and doesn't pretend people are drifting lotus flowers. We met with Biet at the Ludlow Hotel in the Lower East Side where she opens up about her unusual life path as the daughter of an awakened Shaman. 


The Mission:

My mission is to bring consciousness to people. Consciousness equals beauty, joy, ease, abundance, connection and real power. I see a world where people remember their true selves and live in a way that incorporates art and beauty! I see a world where art and beauty are non-negotiable!.

What motivates you?

In quiet, wisdom is born. In community we have to quiet down so we can learn to hear one another and collaborate. To be cooperative is essentially the highest art we have on earth. 

Was there a Striking Turning Point?

A few. I woke up the day I got sober. I woke up again the day I realized that to be sober isn’t enough. I was going to have to live a life where my soul was the central aim. Since then my whole life is a love story with my soul, in essence that’s a love story with your soul, with all souls. There is only one thing going on here on this planet, and this thing, this thing is my life’s work. 


Number one advice:

My advice is to ask questions to yourself in your silent moments in order to be guided to the perfect path for you. Do do do whatever it takes to try and learn new things. Some will work, some won’t.  Keep going! 


Are you at ease with your body?

I am not always at ease with having a body actually. It’s still disorienting for me at times that I will die one day. I am working on this! It used to be way worse. I would beat myself up, call myself fat all the time. Today I am kind to myself and I love myself no matter what! I also catch mean thoughts and stop 'em in their tracks! Beauty isn’t a thing we understand. Stephen Hawking was “Beautiful” I am not saying I want to ill. However I want to “radiate” the way he did. Today I try to take the focus off my ego’s endless obsession with the perfect body and focus on pleasure, radiance, joy, movement, brilliance and love! That’s beauty! Today that helps me return to my 

body and be with her. 


Favorite neighborhood:

Hm, I kind of love them all. I am from here! Born and raised, so I have full on memories from every single neighborhood!  I live in Williamsburg though, which means that I am often there. Or in the West Village because I work out of Soho House.


Have your techniques impacted your personal life? 

In every way! Romance! Finance! Career! Community! Friendships! World Travel! Joy! Consciousness! Freedom! Pretty much anything I could have ever hoped for.


Daily rituals:

I meditate every day, do breath work, move my body and pray. I journal most days and then there is a list of like 30 things that I rotate in and out of! 


Describe your own dress-code:

Comfortable, brilliant, unique and chic. It needs to serve me throughout my day.


How do you merge music and fashion?

I am trying to change the way the world “sees” fashion by eliminating the idea that fashion and vanity can’t be spiritual. Co-Creating the world's first Meditation Fashion Show with INGA-LENA will be a way to demonstrate that.   

INGA-LENA represents everything my brand represents. It’s honest, beautiful, curated and conscious! This is the future! Together we will create a space where clothing will be seen as a language with which to show someone your soul. Rather than a method by which to conceal or mask up your soul!


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