Alana Jae

Alana Jae

Alana Jae

Alana is one of the most laid back people I know. It is quite impossible to not get along with her. Having lived together as room-mates, we formed a long lasting sincere friendship. Knowing each other in the most awful and the greatest moments, this is the kind of girls-team that can carry you through anything - at all times. She is one of the most welcoming, social people, I know. Make her your +1  for wherever you go and you are safe! If she makes you hers, you are lucky! I admire this girl for her upbeat character, her professionalism at work and above all her inner beauty! (because her outer beauty is already that obvious)

To circle back on her latest ventures, we met with Alana at a beautiful designer loft in SoHo.  The Australian beauty perfectly combines beach and city. She embodies the free spirit of her home country while also having built a powerful social network in the buzzing Big Apple. Her authentic character most definitely channeled her successful career, peaking out in the traditional luxury industry. 

With a profound experience in PR and sales, after having worked for a luxury menswear brand for many years, Alana is moving her skills towards the new age and focuses on digital marketing. She is currently building her own health and wellness umbrella with an emphasis for on-the-go natural skin care oils and household CBD.

She also consults other businesses on their online appearance with her co-founded agency Capri Creative.

Her goal is to free herself of any physical space and travel the world as a digital nomad. 

Living in her momentary chosen home, New York, she spends most of her time Downtown. Especially in SoHo and the LES which is walking distance from her apartment in China Town.

If anyone knows the best hangouts in New York, it is this girl who also takes on occasional DJ gigs at night. Lately, her favorite bar has been the Flower Shop. One of their Cucumber Gimlets and the stress of the day can rinse off.


Alana has our deepest respect for living on the other end of the globe, having adjusted to her new environment seamlessly. Her network is not only high profile and successful but also as fun and easy-going as her.  Which seems to proof our ever golden point that positive attracts positive.

Her advice is to never doubt yourself but to always have faith that things will work out if they are meant to be. "And don't forget that a simple hello can lead to a million things" (smile)

Going back to her Australian habits, she describes how she can only survive in this chaos, by sometimes just chilling out - “The number one key to mental balance is to enjoy your own company once in a while”. It's the only way to not only charge your batteries but also to process an eventful day. 

Another solution to finding some quiet in this city is mediation. "A piece of cake" 

The socialite keeps things simple in her dress-code. Yet with a special attention to the perfect fit. And of course adjusted to which part of the world she is in.

Great go-to places are Planet Blue, LF, Warm which are all conveniently located in SoHo. Other than that she looks for unique pieces that she can bond with. Her wardrobe is a vast collection of designers and unique pieces that are easy to combine and travel with.

An average day in the world of Alana J starts with Yoga in the AM. She then usually works out of coffee shops or public spaces during the day. The energy of these places helps her to focus. Which usually rounds up, meeting her girls, attending a gig, an event or a party. Anything social that can balance her day in front of a screen. 

Despite her undeniable love for New York, she admits that she misses home sometimes. Nothing here can replace her friends and family from home. If she had one free wish it would be to reduce fares and time on a flight to Australia. 

To confirm that Alana is just one of us, she chooses coffee above Matcha. Which is one of New York's latest trends that nobody understands.  

“It doesn't make sense to constantly adjust to the latest trends if you already know what works well with you.”

If she was to win the lottery she would not hesitate a second and invest into creative start-ups. There is so much talent out there and unfortunately many of them stay un-noticed due to a lack of financial backing. It is saddening that a vibrant place like New York, which claims to be so modern and open-minded, still runs with the most conservative principles as in: money rules money. 

That said, today we have incredible new tools such as instagram or similar social platforms in our hands to break that chain. 

Which blends with her grandma's life philosophy: " The sun doesn't come out for one, it comes out for all." 

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