We met with the sister duo and founders of Brooklyn's new best hangout 'Celsious', off the Bedford stop in North Williamsburg.


What is 'Celsious'?

Theresa: We are New York's first eco-friendly, energy efficient laundromat that also features a café space and backyard for customers to hang out or work in order to use their time efficiently. That said, our washers and dryers are faster than anywhere else. We also offer free detergent by Simply Co. as an eco-friendly alternative to other detergents.


When and how did you decide to launch this new project?

Corinna: When I first moved to New York, I was absolutely disillusioned with my laundry experience. Neither were my clothes getting clean nor could I ever find comfortable seating.  My roommate at the time was literally taking her dirty whites home to Germany every time she flew back, to wash them back there. I decided that there must be a better solution.


What can people do to incorporate sustainability in their daily routines?

Inspired by our friend Lauren Singer, who leads a zero waste lifestyle and also happens to be the person behind 'The Simply Co. detergent', we’ve embarked on a zero waste journey in our personal and professional lives alike. Start by thinking about everything you purchase that is single-use (cotton balls, Q-tips, paper towels) or anything packaged in non-recyclable containers. Then just say NO to it.

You can skip on the plastic straws, plastic utensils or paper napkins. Prepare your meals at home and make it a habit to carry a reusable coffee mug (at Celsious we give you $0.50 off your drink if you do). Skip plastic bags in favor of reusable tote bags. As for groceries packaged in plastic they all exist in eco-friendly packaging as well. Or bring in your own glass containers to stock up.


Why is it so important to re-think eco-friendly?

In many peoples’ minds, eco-consciousness comes with a hefty price tag or massive efforts. If you start implementing some of the steps outlined above, you will most likely end up spending less. And it’s not difficult at all.  Eventually, you’ll reap the benefits and have a clean, streamlined bathroom, as well as a neat closet and will eat amazing local food that actually tastes better .


What advice would you give to emerging brands?

Try to create garments geared towards a long life cycle – from materials and products that are produced sustainably and that will outlive seasons. Recycle scraps by working with companies like Fabscrap. Also, let’s talk dry cleaning: Most garments can be cleaned with water – making the very toxic process of dry-cleaning unnecessary in most cases. Do your research – and then have the garment care labels reflect it!


Want to tell me more about the the Easter collaboration with Inga-Lena?

We are trying to offer an experience to our customers that exceeds the traditional laundry routine. We therefore try to re-invent ourselves every week and come up with cool concepts and events to provide more than just a service. We love when this turns into an opportunity to team-up with other like-minded companies, especially female entrepreneurs! CELSIOUS shall be a home for community and creativity. Our FASHIONEASTER event will be a three-day-pop-up featuring INGA-LENA among other exciting program. Women can shop and try on clothes while washing their laundry. We will also offer a creative workshop and Easter brunch! You should definitely come by.

115 North 7th Street, Williamsburg