Antonia Miller

Antonia Miller

Antonia Miller

I met the Colombian hurricane at Casa Mezcal in the Lower East Side. We started chatting about art, food and Two drinks later, we had entirely forgotten about our male companions of the night and a friendship for life was formed.

Antonia lives for her three passions: make-up, food and travel. Make-up, not only to make women look more beautiful but also to transform people into temporary characters.  "I love to experiment with different personalities. It is a form of art that you can implement in your every day life." 

Driven by her curiosity to meet new people but also to find out more about herself, Antonia took the brave decision to move to New York 2018. She felt drawn to the people, the energy, the rush of things and of course the abundance of opportunity this city entails. Her positivity and joy for life are contagious. They also show in her exquisite taste for high end cuisine and the experience it provides.

The multi talent finds beauty within the unknown and lets her passion for food guide many of her decisions. Sant Ambroeus with no doubt is her favorite place in SoHo. With their chocolate dessert filled with warm, melted chocolate as the ultimate remedy for pretty much anything in life.

Antonia embraces both, her femininity and practicality. She chooses to wear black very often when traveling through the hustle and bustle of the city which tends to be the uniform of  make-up artists. Yet she sees it as a basic canvas to experiment with accessories and or other statement pieces as color pops.

Her very favorite piece that she pulls from her closet is a black jacket in Suede by Rag&Bone that she has been wearing most loyally since the day purchase. 

"I love that it dresses you up and down at the same time." 


 photos: Keiran Garvey


Antonia starts her day with a hot shower and facemask to wake up her senses.

After choosing the suitable black on black outfit of the day and bringing her personality to life with a touch of blush, she tries to always take a moment to sit down for a light breakfast first. At home that's usually quick with oatmeal or grapefruit. Ready to get her busy day started.

Beauty means being true to you. 

Antonia admires women who have the strength to pick themselves up after failure strikes them down. "It is the hardest part to get up again. But once we master that art, it makes us stronger and better people."

She believes that this power is rooted in inner beauty and self-respect. "If we feel comfortable in our own skin, we realize quickly that we do not need to please anyone. We will realize that we have all the power to move us forward in the world."

That also means to be brave. Dare to experiment. Also with your wardrobe. It can take time to find the real you or the pieces that suit you best. It is important to never stop showing the world who you are. And never stop exploring.

She would like to travel the world and not come back until she has seen all of it. Which aligns with her fearless attitude towards new beginnings and adventures. Yet, daydreams aside, she is equally focused to create something for herself that will last. Guided by her motivation to live in absolute independence.

"Never be afraid of change. Life is too beautiful to stagnate."