INGA-LENA is the personal narrative of a young woman, building a bridge between her lighthearted upbringing in the german countryside and her modern urban lifestyle.

Minimalist silhouettes shall underlines a woman's natural beauty.

With a deep commitment to sustainable processing, our garments are designed and produced locally in New York, made of natural fibers.

THE DESIGNER graduated in Paris with a certificated in Haute Couture design and pattern making.

After working for the prestigious french fashion houses Chlo, she moved to Manhattan for a new work opportunity.

Her silhouettes are sensitively tailored to flatter the female body. With a special attention to subtle detail, fitted styles blend with deliberate de-construction.

Our attire is a part of a woman's identity. Some pieces stay with us for a long period of time. They have character and history.

INGA-LENA aims to create enduring garments of high quality that have the potential to last and become a part of your individual journey.