Model and Actress



Born in the Siberian city Omsk in Russia, Talia traveled the globe before she decided to move to the Big Apple. She is a free spirit. Driven by her infinite curiosity.

If there are two principals that guide her through anything in life, it is honesty and love.  "I believe that the only way to evolve is not via alma mater but by seeing the world through the prism of your heart.  If you approach situations with love, new doors will open.”

The beauty embraces change but equally worships the traditions of her upbringing. A good example for that would be Russian New Year which she celebrates every year, eating traditional food and watching the silly movies that she has watched a million times before. It is these rituals that give her hold and remind her of her roots. They keep her connected with her childhood, her family and the values her parents added to her backpack before sending her on this journey.



Professionally Talia is an opportunist. Thanks to her open nature, the actress and model attracts positivity. She recently marked a highlight in her career, starring in Martin Scorsese's movie "the Irishman" aside big stars like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci. “An unforgettable experience to learn from them and see them live in action. “ The movie will be released in 2019.

Any spare time in between big project, Talia uses to work on her portfolio.  She is currently shooting a collection of creative frequencies which shall expand her variety of characters.


A day in Talia's life usually starts at 8:30AM. She likes to set her alarm early to spend a brief moment in bed before getting up. Slowly easing into her day with yoga or a little morning work out, she usually has a light oatmeal + coffee breakfast.

If she doesn't have to run out right away for a modeling or acting job, she sits down for some email follow-up.

The nature lover has an agreement with herself to always leave the house at least once a day. No matter how nasty the weather would be. "Nothing can replace fresh air to stay healthy."

Talia never hits the road without her hand-written agenda. That is old fashion but she can’t get herself used to google calendar or other technical reminders. "It does not do it for me. Writing notes helps me to process my day mentally and frame my responsibilities in context." 

Lately she has started to always have her own eco-tote in her purse, saying “no” to plastic bags at the grocery store. [and we admire her for that!!!]

In the evenings she tries to take the time to cook. Ending her busy day with a glass of red wine and TV is her heaven of relaxation. 

Weekends are for socializing. She loves to join her girlfriends for a mediation or yoga class. And if her energy allows, a little dance at night is welcome also. 



Talia's dress code is an expression of her character. "Fashion is my profession and passion - I love being weird". She tends to mix and match without rules. Statement accessories and bright colors are a must. With a special weakness for quirky sunglasses from different decades.

“It’s usually a seasonal love affair with a unique style. This spring it's feminine dresses and skirts. But that can quickly swing to gothic rock-n-roll chic.” In the spirit of her super-hero Mystic from X-man who can transform herself to all kinds of shapes or sizes, the actress loves to experiment and come up with something unexpected.  "Being bored means boring . Never allow yourself to sit still."

Even in her wardrobe it comes down to her number one philosophy "Love what you do. Do what you love. Always the best way you can."

Talia is a natural beauty and doesn't need make -up. Yet, she gets choosy when it gets to skin care. She loves essential oils and face masks. Argan Oil is her number one for hair. And rose masks to stay hydrated.

She was recently introduced to face yoga which is, undebatable the funniest way to get rid of wrinkles. "You do it in front of the mirror and your morning kicks off with a good laugh."



Moving to New York was a romantic decision for Talia. She had met her first true love in Hong Kong and followed him to the States eight years ago. “It is always the first steps in a new city that we never forget.” The couple has separated in the meantime yet in deep appreciation and gratitude for having introduced her to her new home: New York.  

She moved to the East Village two years ago and enjoys her neighborhood with its sweet local parks, its density of amazing restaurants and its authentic vibe that represent the “true old New York” like no other. With its creative scene, Talia blends in perfectly.

Something the actress sometimes struggles with is her little consequence to take breaks once in a while. More “me-time” seems to be a typical New Yorker challenge.

“We must remind ourselves sometimes that we are just human.”



As a sensitive person herself, Talia is picky with her friends. They should share her own values. Which is respect, love and confidence. A sense of protection or support. Topped by a good sense of humor. No matter how much we all get absorbed by our hectic jobs or goals. It is the drop of humor that can brighten a day. And, no doubt, it is also the solution to conflict in many cases. 

Her ultimate advice for other women is to respect and love yourself. “You do it first and the world will follow. Think of yourself as a little baby girl that you have to protect. If you see it from the outside, you would not allow anyone to treat her wrong or accept bad behaviors that could hurt her. It is weird, that we allow it when we grow up."

In her spirituality she believes that people in her life are like diamonds. If we find new stones, that means a new person will enter our life. If we lose a jewel, we will need to let go. 

Talia is the honest, good and loyal friend anyone can hope for. Her great sense of humor makes her a welcome company at all times. "I like to make others happy and comfortable".

She is proud to be a woman. It is women who bring balance to life, who create life, who spread kindness and love. "If a woman appreciates her own beauty, her soul and body, she will shed light on others and enter any situation as a winner.”

Inga-Lena Rüttgers