Here she comes with her big smile and whipping ponytail. Daisy D.N. is the girl everybody just wants to be friends with. Laidback with her casual 90’s dress code, fresh look and fun personality. She swears on her reformation leopard print pants. Not only because they are out of the ordinary cool but mainly because comfort is everything!

The UK born artist, uses her creativity for her graphic design job and consults businesses on their development. But her free time is dedicated solely to her painting. 

If she is not painting at her studio, you may find her running or biking across the Williamsburg Bridge. She tries to get to the river as often as possible to remind herself  “that we are on an island, on the world, in the Universe - Manhattan can swallow you up.”

“We are on an island, on the world, in the Universe - Manhattan can swallow you up”

Daisy starts her day listening to NPR’s “Up First” podcast while she gets ready, the to “the Daily” as she walks to the office. If her schedule allows, she tries to meditate for 20min. “It just makes it a better day after". For breakfast she used to simply eat a croissant but has recently changed her habit to make smoothies with Maca “its has amazing health benefits.”

As far as it gets to British habits, Daisy loves a Magnesium bath before she goes to sleep. “It is surprising that Americans don’t take baths as much. Its so relaxing”

Before moving to New York, the young adventurer lived between Dubai and Iraq working for the Oil and Gas industry. “I had written my dissertation on the boundary between Iraq and Iran and ended up working on that river. It was very satisfying to see it in real life.” She left this job as Iraq began to fall to Isis. “It was sad to leave so many amazing people but I felt a massive urge to go back to my creative roots”.

During her time interning at the United Nations, Daisy also conducted research within the department of Disarmament Affairs. “The UN has an important symbolic role within nuclear disarmament but the real negotiation happens between nation states themselves”.

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daisy DN

Her increased awareness and appreciation of the natural world, comes across in her art today, “my work has increasingly more trees and color and is less political or conceptual”.

Daisy learned her craft at the famous New York Academy of Art in Tribeca where she studied traditional painting of still life and the figure.  Since leaving the Academy she has found her own aesthetic.  “I felt liberated to get a bit wacky when not being observed in a school setting”.

Daisy spends a lot of time reflecting on life and admits that she sometimes worries too much, but she is happy to have her painting as a way to channel excess thought and energy. In others, she looks for authenticity above anything, especially in a hectic city like New York.

Like most creatives, Daisy is still on a path towards the unknown. Exploring different routes and aspects of life. She loves to learn and makes sure to always enter a situation with an open mind. “It can be so stimulating to have your perspective flipped upside down.  This is the how we grow.”