I met Antonia for the first time in the LES after stumbling into Casa Mezcal, Manhattan's latest hotspot. Both of us forgot about our male companions pretty quickly once we started to chat about art, food and... you know... life.

Two cocktails later and a new friendship for life was formed. 

The Colombian hurricane lives for her three passions: make-up, food and travel. Make-up, not only to make women look more beautiful but also for the opportunity to transform into someone else for a day.  "It allows to experiment with different personalities and is a form of art that you can implement in your actual every day life." 

Driven by her curiosity to meet new people but also to find out more about herself, Antonia took the brave decision to move to the concrete jungle, New York, one year ago.

She felt drawn to the people, the energy, the rush of things and of course the infinite opportunities this place got to offer. Her positivity and joy for life are contagious and also reveal in her passion for good food and the experience that comes with it.

Leading me on through the underground city of subway cars and turn styles, Antonia finds the beauty within the unknown and lets her passion for food make all her decisions. Sant Ambroeus with no doubt is her favorite place in SoHo, and through our weekly patience being trialed with the subways she reminds me of how our lunch could come to a perfectly sweet finish with their (and her) favorite: a chocolate cake filled with a melted, pure touch of chocolate.  

Embracing her femininity AND practicality, Antonia chooses to wear black very often when traveling through the hustle and bustle of the city. It is not only the uniform of every make-up artist but also the perfect base to then toy around with accessories as color pops or other statement pieces. 

And, of course, her favorite piece that she pulls from her closet is a black suede jacket from Rag&Bone that she has been wearing religiously since the day that she bought it. "It dresses you down and up at the same time. It was love at the first sight."

Antonia is not quite what you would consider a morning person. She starts her day with a hot shower and facemask to wake up her senses, a little something we all enjoy.

After picking out the suitable pairs of black on black outfit and bringing her personality to life with a touch up of her own make-up, she tries to always take a moment to sit down for a light breakfast. Usually that is oatmeal or grapefruit in preparation for what the city will bring. 

And that is when her busy day can start.


Antonia considers herself a good listener (and I can only confirm that)  but admits that she finds it really difficult to open up to others. Especially in New York. (INGA: well, that's what Mezcal is for)

Antonia admires women who have the strength to pick themselves up after failure strikes them down. "It is always the hardest part to get up again. But once we master that art, it makes us stronger and better people."

She believes that the power these women have to pull themselves up from the bottom is directly linked to inner beauty and self-respect. If we feel comfortable in our own skin and respect our second skin, our clothing style, we realize quickly that we do not need to please anyone. We will realize that we have all the power to move us forward in the world.

Beauty means being true to you. 

That means to be brave. Dare to experiment. Try new looks. It can take time to find the real you or the pieces that suit you best by taking a chance to allow your mood to be your inspiration for the day, but take that challenge of showing the world who you are. Pick yourself up with your dress-code. Make it fun. And above all, never fear change! 

And that advice exceeds clothing or make-up. (smile)  

"Life is too beautiful to stagnate."

Antonia dreams of traveling the world. She would wish to not come back until she has seen all of it.  Which aligns with her fearless attitude towards new beginnings and adventures. 

Yet, daydreams aside,  she is also very focused to create something for herself that leaves a print mark for this city.  

Still working on a concept that can combine all of her passions Antonia looks to create something new for each one of you (and us) to sit on the edge of our seats waiting for! 

Settle down and have kids one day? For sure. Marriage? Not so sure. She is a free spirit and loves her independence.

No doubt that Antonia will succeed with her ambitions to leave her creative mark on this world. 

We, for sure, will  keep an eye on her next moves! 

Inga-Lena Rüttgers