Who is Carson? 

It has not been until the past year that I have felt as though I have met the true “me”.

Growing up rooted to the southern traditions that Charlotte, North Carolina told me I wasn’t able to appeal to my own personality until I migrated to soaring skyscrapers of New York City. I left behind traditional norms that guided me through childhood and adopting the free flowing motions that the city allowed its people to enjoy, that is when I was able to find myself.

Simple, Clean, Meaningful: these three words guide my thoughts, style, and design while I learn to establish myself among the creative minds that surround me. Simple holds a tone that I will learn where to place my energy and where to save it while keeping a clear vision of my purpose. Clean reminds me that no one is perfect in their lives, but the chance to wash it clean from the beginning of your thought or action is important. Meaningful sets foundations for my lifestyle and creativity by presenting powerful trust in my talents and myself.

I moved to New York for all the inspiration that you can find here. I feel as though every corner starts a new project in my mind with its color, laughter, or mistakes. That also scares me. To have so many ideas but not enough time to take a chance on every one of them. Oh, I am also terrified of the smoke that comes out of the ground. Will it burn me? Where is it coming from? Can I inhale the smoke?

Something I think about a lot is how much trust everyone places in each other. In the city you are riding a subway crammed full with strangers that you will never see again, who is to say they won’t do something unthought-of or terrifying? I truly admire the trust that we as humans have in one another.

Best qualities: Thankfully I can rock a pixie cut. I’ve been told that I am easy to talk to and tend to make others happy when they are sad. I succeed off of my own failures.

Worst qualities: I care too much about others that don’t realize I am there. I am still trying to learn to stand up for myself. I forget that my skills are talents. 

My dress code is extremely minimal. I don’t mind wearing my favorite pieces days in a row because I rarely see the same people days in a row. I have these flowy, black Madewell pants that I have wore rips into. I bought them 3 years ago on the sale rack for $28; at the time I thought I was taking a huge risk purchasing something that wasn’t a skinny jean. Now these are the one pair of pants I can dress up or continuously dress down. To proclaim my love for simple, clean, meaningful pieces, I stay with my six tops to match my four pairs of pants.


What are your latest projects? 

I have been designing a purse. Her name is Meli. My goal is to bring this product to life for all humans to be able to enjoy. I would lIke to build a partnership with the Honey Bee community to raise funds and invest in proper protection for our bees. They need us just as much as we need them.

What inspires me to create is walking through the world and realizing that I need something. It can be simple and stupid, but I just look around, see that I don’t have it, and there I draw it out.

What is your take on social media?

Social Media. I have had many debates about my attachments to Instagram in particular. After seeing how this source of media had a negative effect on me through my immature high school stage, I discovered that there was a good side to the app. Vowing to regular post on the social media app with the ideal that this is a keepsake for me, to keep record of my memories and laugh at each one. When moving back to followers verse following, I use Instagram as a tool to follow inspirational producers, different practices of design, and a chance to stay in the loop with what is going on in the world. 

Carson wearing INGA LENA

Any morning ritual?

I tend to leave my makeup on while I am asleep, such a bad habit, but in the mornings a nice little finger full of coconut oil with two drops of lavender or peppermint oil really wakes me up. Also helps take away all that left over mess. Once I feel presentable enough, coffee is a must. Can’t go far throughout the day without it!

I am really into cooking for my own. I know the statement is rare for a now New Yorker, but to start my day is to make a pair of over-easy eggs, hash browns, and toast. Easy and filling. When I do take the time to plan for brunch, I love grabbing an everything bagel with bacon, egg, and cheese from Pick-A-Bagel. Damn.


What items do you always carry around?  

I always have my phone. What if someone did something amazing and I had nothing to record it on? I am always wearing a watch. I love the style of it and simplicity of avoiding my phone. A notebook with pen, I poorly draw out many of my ideas for designs or products. A nude shade of matte lipstick. Lastly, myself. Even on my worst day I am not going to let the strangers of New York judge me based on my appearance; I am my own brand.


Favorite hangouts in New York? 

I tend to return to Kingston Hall, cheap whiskey and friendly faces. For food place me in any section of the city and I will find you dumplings. Those are literally God’s creation if he even had one.


Describe your shopping behavior

I am a qween thriftier. Not the “vintage” thrift stores, but your local Goodwill and Salvation Army. I believe the fun in buying a new piece is the amount of time and effort you placed in hunting for it. If it is monochromatic and fits well into my dozen or so pieces I do have, then she comes! If the piece seems more of a statement piece, I’ll weight over the pros and cons, but probably forget about it after I get out of the Trader Joe’s line.

How do you feel about change in general?

I wish socialization had never changed. Watching films that took place in the age before cellphones where your communication device, everyone was so open to chatting with each other. That was their only way to pass the time, or read. Everyone was so opened to learning because the world was not nearly complete. We have lost that art. The art of community.

I just keep watching commercials for Ready Player One and the correlation between this movie world and our own is so exciting. I complain about lack of natural conversation in the world, but also the thrill of Virtual Reality taking it to the next level is so interesting. The fact that a magical thing like this is becoming so obtainable for everyone is amazing to me. 


Inga-Lena Rüttgers