INGA-LENA hosted their first fashion show in New York,

creating an authentic moment for audience and models



It is not easy to surprise the mother of innovation, New York City, with a new idea. Even harder to get people excited for an unknown experiment outside their usual comfort zone. 

In a collaboration with the spiritual teacher BIET SIMKIN, the designer INGA-LENA did just that last Thursday at a gorgeous luxury apartment in Manhattan’s Gramercy. Hosted by the 200E21 which is the latest addition to the LEED Green Collection.

The designer is making a point by differentiating herself from a traditional fashion industry which is often times judged for its superficial scene and pollutive processing. 

With her minimalist aesthetic, she dresses her women in classic and timeless silhouettes. With a considered attention to subtle detail in order  to underline a woman’s natural beauty.

In addition to her own sustainable practices such as local manufacturing and the use of natural fibers, the designer is bringing awareness to her customers who should invest in quality and mindful garment care in order to give each piece a long lasting life. 

INGA-LENA sees her creations less as a part of an industry than as her own tool to silently communicate with the outside world. 

Her collections are the narrative of her personal evolution. She encourages other women to accept and love their own body in order to thrive and attract positivity and success. 

BIET SIMKIN who has made herself a name as the founder of the “Eye Of The Cyclone” meditations, shares that vision. She wants to move away from the idea that meditation means stillness and solitude. To her, energetic exchange is the highest level of connection.

With breathing exercises and focused eye contact, she created an emotional experience for the audience during the “AWEAR Fashion Show”. It channeled the participant’s awareness towards their present moment in order to soak in the beauty that surrounded them.

Both artists strongly believe that it is essential for everyone to feel a human connection.  

During the event models and the designer herself joined the meditation. With the intention to create an authentic moment for everyone. 

Unlike other fashion shows, guests were invited to stay afterwards to get to know each other and interact with the hosts.

Models Nora and Irina gazing at each other during the meditation.

Models Nora and Irina gazing at each other during the meditation.