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 Inga spent an idyllic childhood in the German countryside. A projection of the outside world inspired her first fashion illustrations at age 14. She embarks on an agitating journey as an international fashion model, calling the runways of Milan, Paris and London her new ‘home’.

Yet, confronted with foreign cultures and the arising responsibilities of her fast career, trigger self-doubt in the young woman. She escapes in her creative imagination, designing collections that process the rushed jump into matured womanhood.

The INGA-LENA aesthetic is the revelation of inner affirmation and acceptance. It celebrates the instinctive duality of gentle femininity and rational practicality in a woman’s nature.



“Many women struggle to defend their honest values and emotional needs while standing their ground in a competitive environment.

With INGA-LENA I am not only pursuing my personal childhood dream, I am hoping to empower other women to embrace their epic uniqueness.

Most other brands sell an illusion, the dream of perfection, while disregarding the human truth behind a real person. No one is helped by overwhelming the market with new product every month.

I create minimalist capsule collections and propose them in different colors and layering options which can then serve all year around.I consider less noise for the eye, the key to stronger social encounters. It redirects the focus to authenticity and what is truly relevant in life.”

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